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Water Flow Meter

Used to monitor & control flow of liquid, gases & any kind of flow application

    • For Control process there is option for output signal like 4 to 20 m, rs 485 etc available control the process Less manpower and

    • For any kind of process ,pressure & temperature we can designed flow meter which is compatible for that process

    • We can provide flow meter with three kinds of display like electromagnetic, local & remote

    • It is avilable for any kind of process connection like flang & thraded.

    • We can provide electromagnetic and ultra sonic flow meter

    • Less manpower and & easily understood by operator. Quality of spreading is good & less human efforts require, Easy Maintenance, Smooth operation no color spiting.

    • You can choose the display with your suitability

    • Choosing of flow meter by requirement is become easy

We can provide different saids of communication input to control the output

Display range as per customer compatibility

Provide different type of flow meter as per customer requirement to measure output quality