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Scada Base Customize Solution

For any kind of process & Mfg industries used for all process data monitoring, record and maintain

As per pollution law by this system we can record the qty of output wastage

Accurate Data will be generated which helps to decision making process

    • You can visualize & monitored all the process and data at one place.

    • If SCADA synchronize with PLC

    • By using this system you can analyze the data by bar graphs

    • System offers you to get data in particular Interval which you wan

    • By that you did not require manpower for monitor process

    • You can control whole process of plant by seating in one control room

    • By analysis of data we can monitor the process & improve the process accuracy

With the help of we delivered mention features & benefits scada software, PLC system, sensor output with modbus communication, convertors

This system is not only for monitoring but also for controlling

To develop SCADA system which is cost effective