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Automation On Boiler

In all processing industries where boiler used we are providing for control system on auto call feeding reduce manpower error, increase efficiency of boiler, avoid unnecessary call burning, reduce labour dependency

    • We are using VFD, PID, & PLC for controling of call feeding & burning .

    • By using weghing system

    • becuase of autocall feeding system require steam will be produces

    • Human replaced by machine

    • Actual call consumpation will be mesured

    • Steam loss will be minimize

    • Excess call burning can be avoided

PID is measuring actual require steam heat smooth controlling on PLC

PLC gives smooth controlling of VFD

VFD is providing smooth operation control of ID fan, FD fan, screw feeder motor for advance control

Resulting power saving

System is and avoid human error

We are providing this system with very against other supplier cost effective & user friendly

We can provide coal feeding control system with steam flow meter which help us to more effective operation