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Auto Printing Head

In textile industries printing section used this machine for fabric printing which is help in consistency of product, reduces dependancy on labourers and saving  of labour cost.

    • Thokar Type:

      Very just like mfg trolley distance between two holder with enough gap

    • Echinos Type:

      Excellent design of squeeze mounting distance between two holder with enough gap angle of screw & squeeze holder is never change

    • ECO Type:

      No Thokar Installed

    • Use of Chain Type :

      Economical machine maintenance, Very simple design.

    • Use of Belt Type :

      Elongation is law

    • Thokar Type:

      Less manpower and & easily understood by operator. Quality of spreading is good & less human efforts require, Easy Maintenance, Smooth operation no colour spiting.

    • Echinos Type :

      Printing quality is good. Quality of spreading is good & no colour spiting. Good quality printing.

    • ECO Type:

      Machine maintenance quite law, noise free operation .

    • Use of Chain Type :

      Easily available parts and product, Installation cost is law, Maintainance cost is law.

    • Use of Belt Type :

      Maintainance is law.

As above mention features we can reduce manpower consumption through installed printing head average per shift needed only one person on one machine instead of 7 person

We are like chain type thokar, timing belt echons, time belt thokar, chain type echinos, chain echinos eco and chain eco.

We had design auto printing head up to 30 strokes per minute -no buddy can supply it, we are going to design auto printing head up to 42 strokes per minute

Customer wants minimum maintenance and maximum outputs.